20 Disgusting Things Almost Every Woman Does In Secret — #19 Is Our Favorite


More than one item on this list applies to every woman – when it comes to “being ladylike,” no one can hit that mark every time and some things make women more human and, therefor, self-conscious. At the top of the list, #1, how many girls avoid pooping around boyfriends or co-workers for at least a year? Anyone? It’s human, relax. Everybody poops! The next one is gross only because it’s not fair!


#2 – Do you lather up your whole body and shave all your hair away? We’re animals and mammals, for that matter, so, hair comes with the territory. Anyone understand what the big deal is? Heaven forbid you miss a hair on your ankle (or toes?????)! Next, this is actually super gross and should be avoided at all costs…



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