27 invisible symptoms of fibromyalgia you just cannot miss


Weird Disturbing Nightmares

You never thought you would experience nightmares because of fibromyalgia but it is true that fibromyalgia brings nightmares and a lot of them.

You can possibly experience vivid, disturbing dreams and also have severe difficulty in sleeping when it comes to fibromyalgia and therefore, it is a symptom you should be mindful of.

It can also cause hypersomnia, which is excessive sleeping. Therefore, you ought to check for these symptoms and never rule out a nightmare because it might be because of fibromyalgia.

Inability to Express

In some severe cases of fibromyalgia, you might also have an inability to express yourself through the right words or remembering the right names or seeing faces.

You might also have a lot of difficulty in following directions and losing the track of train and get easily distracted as well.

Moreover, you will also have short term memory loss. Short term memory loss involves forgetting small things, things that are really important.

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