8 Common Bugbites And How To Identify The Culprits



Those of us who live in a four-season climate spend all winter dreaming of summertime.

Winter is great for a little bit — we all understand where Tian Tian the panda is coming from with his blizzard antics — but most of us are ready for it to be over around mid-January.

That said, we do romanticize summer a little bit when we’re missing it most. It can be easy to forget at the height of the winter blues, but that sun-and-surf lifestyle we’re lusting after comes with just a few minor deterrents.

Chief among them, if you ask me, is the sudden and uninvited onslaught of insects.

Yes, I know they’re good for the garden and the environment, and all of that is fine with me. I don’t care what bugs do, as long as it doesn’t involve eating me.

Alas, that seems to be one of their very favorite pastimes. As a result, I often spend the warmer months trying to figure out what, exactly, bit me, and whether I need to be concerned about it.

In that spirit, here is my guide, borne of hard-earned experience, to common bugbites and what gave them to you. May it keep you happy and itch-free all summer long!

1. Fire Ants

1. Fire Ants

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