Here’s How You Can Identify An Extreme Narcissist


An extreme narcissist is someone who has a complete lack of empathy for other people. They believe that they are superior to others, and they see other people only as either tools to help them get what they want or prevent them from getting this.

Extreme narcissists use other people and while they may enjoy what someone else does for them, they are incapable of love. This makes being in a relationship with this type of person very dangerous, as you will never be loved in return.

Extreme narcissists are very insecure deep down inside, so they get insulted easily. That’s why they surround themselves with people who constantly tell them how amazing they are, as they cannot tolerate being questioned or challenged.

This type of person typically tries to find a spouse who can help them socially or financially. They will likely marry someone who is attractive, wealthy or well-connected.

They tend to go through spouses quickly, just as they do with their other possessions.  They’ll get what they need from their spouse and then trade them in for someone new.

Though the extreme narcissist is charming in public, they will let their true colors shine when they are at home. They know that they don’t need to be nice to their spouse at home, as their prey has already been caught.

Two types of people marry extreme narcissists: a people-pleaser or another narcissist. If one narcissist marries another, it is more of a business relationship, as there is no love between them. People pleasers are sadly often attracted to people users, and their marriages to an extreme narcissist ends up being miserable for them.

Nobody wants to end up married to an extreme narcissist, so keep your eye out for these clues when you are dating! SHARE this story so your friends and family can see this as well!



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