Mel B divorce: Family brands singer a ‘liar and a narcissist who refused to visit her dying father’

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 03: Mel B (L) and Stephen Belafonte attend the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards at One Mayfair on December 3, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images)

Melanie Brown has been labelled a narcissist and a liar who refused to visit her cancer stricken father until he was on his deathbed in emails allegedly drafted by her own mother and sister.
The emails have been filed at Los Angeles Superior Court by ex-husband Stephen Belafonte as part of an ongoing request that daughter Madison and step-daughter Angel attend therapy following their acrimonious divorce.

One message, purportedly from the former Spice Girl’s mother Andrea, accuses Mel, 42, of ignoring repeated requests to visit ailing father Martin, who lost his five year battle with cancer in March 2017.

It reads: ‘Just fir (sic) the record I have proven emails with dates of when I sent you them urging you to visit your dad informing you his cancer had returned, your dad and (sister) Danielle also have copy’s (sic) so the pointless lies once again proven, you really do need to seek professional help the anger lies and abuse you give is only damaging yourself, it now has no effect on us we have hardened to it from you.

‘You may want to look up narcissism you have all the symptoms of it and there is help out there if you want it.’

A second, allegedly from younger sister Danielle and brutally titled ‘The day my only sister was out my life for good,’ savages Mel for only visiting her father when he was close to death.
‘I was totally and utterly shocked at such a heartless cold and detached statement about our Dad. You stated that ‘not call you or contact you until he is on his death bed and then you will attend to pay your last respects. (Even writing these words I find impossible)

‘Can I ask you why would you want to attend when he is on his death bed, but not make any attempt to be in touch or mend family rifts whilst he is still able to maintain his health?’

She added: ‘Is it to relieve any guilt on your behalf? Or fear of your public image being tarnished? Or that you just thing it’s the done thing?

‘You leave me bewildered and confused that I grew up in the same household as someone so self absorbed and down right nasty!!’

It’s understood that Belafonte has submitted the emails in a bid to lift the lid on Mel’s true relationship with Andrea and Danielle, who he allegedly claims are playing an active role in trying to alienate him from the lives of his children.

In a three page missive he also claims a letter, allegedly written by Angel and later tweeted by Andrea, was intentionally drafted to portray him in a bad light.

The film producer also insists he can provide texts in which Angel refers to her mother “keeping her out all night in bars when Angel was tired and wanted to go to sleep”.

The couple, whose divorce was finalised in December, will attend their next custody hearing in May.


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