Parents be careful!A 3 year old child said that someone was talking to it at night and what his mother discovered is shoking!


Parents to a 3 year old were left completely shocked when they found out that their child talks to stranger daily in his room at the dead of the night.

The child told them that he talks to a stranger through a tracking device used for children.

The couple thought that their lives will be easier if they will start using the Baby Monitor Camera.

But it didn’t turn out to be in their favour. Instead the camera brought many dangers with it.

Earlier they were confused and suspicious about something like that but their confusion quickly turned into a horrendous event when they discovered that their child is being spied on by a stranger through the monitor.

Sarah and Jay, the couple decided to figure things out.

Sarah went into her child’s room and she heard a voice saying-“Wake up little child. Your daddy is looking for you.”

After some days, Jay too heard the same voice saying-“Someone is coming.”

The parents got really frightened when they discovered that somebody is keeping an eye over their ever move.

The fear turned into horror when they noticed that the night lens from the monitor is moving like someone is following their steps.

They immediately contacted the producer of the monitor-Foscam. They were told clearly that it is very likely their monitor is hacked by someone, using a smartphone application or a computer.

CBS News too confirmed the incident telling everyone and awaring them too that monitors generally provides the already included internet connection as well as connections through a smartphone.

Therefore criminal cases are increasing day by day due to the frequent hacking of the monitors.

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