6 Signs She Is A Girl, Not A Woman. #5 Is So TRUE


Girls and women are different. Don’t believe what I am saying? Then read the article below – you will be amazed,

The following is a list of top 6 signs which portrays the major differences between a girl and a woman.

1. Seeking attention

A girl will always try to seek attention in some way or the other – maybe by wearing raunchy clothes, or posting countless selfies on social media sites, or by hanging out with friends at clubs and parties. However, a woman rarely cares about popularity and attention, she wants that everyone should respect her.


2. Independent Woman

Girls might be greedy and ask you to buy her something or do something for her all the time. But women love to be independent, they can take care of themselves, are financially stable and will resort to seeking help from her friends when she is in real trouble.


3. Partying the right way

While you will often find girls getting completely drunk in parties, and losing their balance and sometimes, sleeping on the streets, women know how to handle these situations better. They never cross their limits and know how to party the right way.

4. Obsessed with social media

Girl are obsessed with social media – I am sure this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. They are always on their phones, posting selfies and chatting with their friends. They can’t stay separated from their phones for even a few hours. But women are different, they care about respect, not attention from others.


5. Time Well Spent

Women are different from girls – while girls prefer gossiping and watching movies and TV series on Netflix, women, on the other hand, don’t waste their time this way, they always try to be productive and spend more time with their family and friends, and are never afraid to try something new.


A girl will always try to look her skinniest and eat as little as possible in front of you. Whereas a woman loves her body and has embraced it, allowing her to eat whatever she wants in front of you! Who has time for a strict diet when you’re a busy woman?



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