The Removal Of This 50-Year-Old Cyst Might Be Dr. Pimple Popper’s Most Disgusting Video Yet


The revolting moment Dr Pimple Popper squeezes thick grey pus from a 50 YEAR OLD cyst

Dr Pimple Popper’s latest stomach-churning video features a cyst that resembles a baby’s face.
This may sound cute, but when it’s sliced open and a lava of thick deep grey pus oozes out, it’s anything but.

The dermatologist, whose real name is Dr Sandra Lee, found out from the unnamed patient that he’s had the epidermoid cyst since he was five.

‘This is some old skin under here then. It’s just been slowly growing with you,’ she said. ‘It’s a 50-year-old cyst!’

The doctor began the procedure by using a scalpel to draw a neat line down the centre of the massive lump.
She then used a wad of gauze to soak up the ‘cheesy’ fluid that came spilling.

This content was made up of ‘macerated keratin’ – or wet skin cells – which creates this consistency and pungent odour.
As the pus flowed out, Dr Lee, in her usual effervescent style, compared it to chocolate pudding. She said: ‘It’s no longer vanilla!’

Dr Lee, also known as Dr Pimple Popper, cuts into the huge growth with a scalpel

The patient says he had never had any problems with the 50-year-old cyst before

Dr Lee neatly stitches up the patient

After squeezing out the dark liquid, she spends around 35 minutes digging out more gunk from the cyst, before neatly stitching up the incision.

An epidermoid cyst may have no symptoms and are typically harmless, Dr Lee notes in the video’s caption.
She explains that people seek removal because they don’t like the appearance of these bumps, or the cyst has ruptured or been inflamed or ‘infected’.

Indeed, the patient revealed that he had suffered trauma to the area – from his uncle’s bull.

Uploaded on June27, the video has already amassed more than two million views on Dr Lee’s YouTube channel.

Epidermoid cysts are one of the main types of fluid-filled lumps found just underneath the skin.
They are commonly found on the face, neck, chest, shoulders or skin around the genitals.

They affect young and middle-aged adults, and are particularly common in people with acne. They don’t usually run in families.

Cysts are usually harmless. Small cysts that aren’t causing any problems can be left alone.

But if a cyst is causing problems, such as catching on your clothes, or if it looks unsightly, it can be removed.

Don’t be tempted to burst the cyst. If it’s infected, you risk spreading the infection, and if the sac is left underneath the skin, it can grow back.

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