To Every Girl Who Has Ever Lost Herself To A Toxic Man


I always wondered If I’m ever going to get back to normal; if I am ever going to be the person I used to be. Relationships should make your life happier. They should add value to your life and make you a better or happier person, or actually make you both.

When dating the right person you get all the love you deserve, but what happens when you date the ‘wrong’ guy?

For far too long, I was ashamed I stayed so long in a toxic relationship. I was ashamed to admit I wasn’t strong enough to save myself.

I stayed way too long attached to a toxic man.

The worst part is I still get shivers down my spine when thinking about where would I be today if I hadn’t done it, if I hadn’t left.


I dated someone who made me lose my self-worth.

Because he wrapped me around the finger and I let him do that. I was weak and unable to fight it. I had no idea how to stand against him and for far too long, I hadn’t any idea what he was doing to me.

I had lost all my self-worth and I allowed him to be my decision-maker.

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