When Narcissists Say “I Was Worried and Concerned About You”


Every time I hear the words, “I was worried about you,” I instinctively cringe and back away slowly, keeping the speaker in view but not making direct eye contact. Why? Because that “I was worried/concerned” act is a brilliant tactic in the narcissist’s quest to utterly control us.

But a story is worth a thousand words. See if these real life tales remind you of any times your narcissist got “worried about you” so they could control your every move.

The Cell Phone

The year was 1995 Anno Domini. An eventful year. A memorable year. It was the year all narcissistic Hell broke loose at my home. The year the Family went collectively crazy but somehow clung together. The year I became a Scapegoat. The year my OCD started. It was also the year we got our first cell phone.

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Prior to 1995, we had been as blissfully unplugged and disconnected as most of the human race. If the car broke down on the road, you hoofed it to the nearest house and asked to use their phone. No one expected anything differently.


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