Woman puts sanitation worker in the hospital for splashing water on her shoes


The cleaner apologized but that failed to quell the woman’s rage over her dirtied footwear

A sanitation worker was taken to the hospital on Monday with blood gushing from her head after allegedly upsetting a woman wearing a pair of purportedly very expensive shoes.

According to bystanders who witnessed the incident, which took place at seafood market in Sanya, Hainan province, an auntie cleaner had made the grave error of accidentally splashing some water on the woman’s pricey footwear.

While the auntie apologized, explaining that she hadn’t noticed anyone was there, the woman flew into a rage, scolding and even beating the cleaner over the head while declaring that her shoes were so expensive that she wouldn’t even be able to afford to compensate her for them.

Footage from the aftermath of the scene shows the cleaner with a bloody cloth over her head and her attacker being led away by police. However, none of the photos or videos actually show what the woman’s shoes look like.

Afterward, the sanitation worker was taken to the hospital with head injuries. Police are currently investigating the case.

“Wearing expensive shoes won’t hide your ugly heart,” wrote one Weibo user, summing up this tale.


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